List of Best Places to Live in Canada

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Canada is the country located in the northern part of America. It cover 9885 square kilometer area of the world. It is on 38th position in the population. The over all population is about 4 crore.
Here we are presenting some of the beautiful places to live in Canada, where we can get all types of Canadian facilities as need for the living atmosphere. Here is the list of best places to live in Canada are:

Best Places to Live in Canada List
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    1. 1. Vancouver, B.C.

      Vancouver, B.C.

      Vancouver is the seaport city located in Canada. It is most populated city. In 2016 the area population is about 631,486. It is the third largest metropolitan area of Canada that can fulfill all the requirement of their citizen. This city is also surrounded by the water, so it is the best place for the tourism.

      Vancouver, B.C.:

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    2. 2. Markham, ON

      Markham, ON

      Markham is superb city to live in Canada. The over all population of this city is about 328966. It is located in the north Toronto that can be easily accessible by transit or highway.

      Markham, ON:

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    3. 3. Saanich, B.C.

      Saanich, B.C.

      Saanich is the largest municipality in greater Victoria by area in Canada. It is the best city to live in Canada. It have very low crime rate and also have the population is about 114,148.

      Saanich, B.C.:

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    4. 4. Ottawa, Ont.

      Ottawa, Ont.

      Ottawa is the capital of Canada. This is the best city having population about 974,701. It have total rainfall is about 755mm. It have only 5 percent unemployment rate. This city have good atmosphere with all facilities for the person who lives in Canada.

      Ottawa, Ont.:

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    5. 5. Guelph, Ontario.

      Guelph, Ontario.

      Guelph is the populated city located in southwestern Ontario, Canada. The population of this city is about 131,794. It have estimated unemployment rate of 4.8%. It have normal rent as average rent for two-bedroom apartment is $1,027.

      Guelph, Ontario.:

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    6. 6. St. Albert-Alberta

      St. Albert-Alberta

      St. Albert was founded in 1861 by Father Albert Lacombe. St. Albert is the city in Alberta, Canada. This city is spreading in 48.45 square kilometer area. Here is estimated unemployment rate is 5.1 percent and Average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $1,383.

      St. Albert-Alberta:

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    7. 7. Regina, Saskatchewan

      Regina, Saskatchewan

      Regina is established in 1882 which is the second-largest in the province, after Saskatoon. It is populated city of Canada having population 215106. This city have Estimated unemployment rate about 5.2% and Average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment is near about $1,097.

      Regina, Saskatchewan:

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    8. 8. Brossard, Quebec

      Brossard, Quebec

      Brossard is the best city for the living purpose in Canada. In 2011 the population of Brossard was 79273. This country was founded in February 14, 1958. The Average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $789. Brossard have estimated unemployment rate is 5.3%.

      Brossard, Quebec:

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    9. 9. Delta, British Columbia

      Delta, British Columbia

      Delta is the city of British Columbia located south of Richmond having border fresher river to the north. It is the best city live in Canada having 184 square kilometer area. The city have estimated unemployment rate of 4.9%.

      Delta, British Columbia:

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    10. 10. Burlington, Ontario

      Burlington, Ontario

      Burlington is the best city to live in Canada. It is situated at the northwestern end of Lake Ontario. This city have neighboring city of Hamilton. This city have estimated unemployment rate of 4.9% and average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $1,267.

      Burlington, Ontario:

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