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List of Best Movies of Bollywood Actress Madhuri Dixit

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Here i am going to create a list of Best Movies of Bollywood Actress Madhuri Dixit. Please Vote and Comment your reviews.

26 Best Movies of Bollywood Actress Madhuri Dixit (2020 Updated List)

This List contains 26 Best Movies of Bollywood Actress Madhuri Dixit. Please share your comments and votes on items to make this list more helpful for other users.


    A mindless comedy caper in which a plane full of treasures and valuable things crashes in Janakpur, a group of misfits and con artists compete with each other to get that treasure.


    Vijay and Pooja is an engaged couple. One day Vijay disappears in a plane crash. Pooja was pregnant at that time. Thinking that, Vijay died in that plane crash, she marries her childhood friend Amar. But things get complicated when Vijay reappears in their life.


    Gopal and Radha are happily married couple who is leading a normal family life. One day a struggling singe, Suraj who is a friend of Radha enters their life. Radha starts to mingle with Suraj more and more due to his singing. Gopal developes a jealousy towards Suraj and suspecting that Radha and suraj are having an affair, throws Radha out of his house.


    The son of a wealthy upper cast family falls in love with a lower cast family girl. But, the family of the man doesn’t approve of this relation. Amongst the high drama, girl disappears from the village, leaving the intrigued lover in distress.


    Mithun chakraborty plays a role of a thief in the village. One day he saves an innocent girl (Madhuri Dixit)from the gangsters, who try to rape her. She doesn’t respect him for his profession, and hates him. But, as she gets to know him deeper and deeper, she falls in love with him and helps him transform into a law abiding citizen.


    Rajjo is the leader of a Gang, called as Gulab Gang, which tries to help and support the abused and downtrodden women of the village. When a corrupt politician who is against the gang, runs for an election, Rajjo decides to contest the election against him.


    Shankar is a dumb and deaf young man working under a very cruel employer. His employer wishes to marry a beautiful young lady Gauri. In order to marry Gauri, he uses Shankar’s photo and tricks Gauri to marry the employer. But, Gauri falls in love with Shanker and tries to be with him against all difficulties.


    Dancer Diya is living in USA for the last 11 years. When she hears the news of her dance guru’s fatal illness in India, she rushes to India. When she arrives, her Guru dies leaving behind his production house, Ajanta Theatre. When Diya comes to know that her beloved theatre, where she learned dancing, is in the danger of being torn down by a corrupt politician. To save the theatre Diya forms a troupe and starts preparing for a final production.


    Raju’s mother dies and his father re-marries. Raju adores his stepmother and obeys her every orders. Raju falls in love with Saraswati and marries her. When saraswati enters Raju’s household, she feels something fishy about Raju’s stepmother, which could pose dangers to Raju’s life.


    A little youngster takes to an existence of wrongdoing and grows up to be a criminal with a conscience. The adversaries he makes en route focus on his family so as to crush him. This film is directed by Feroz Khan, Starring Vinod Khanna, Feroz Khan, Amala Akkineni and Madhuri Dixit.


    Devi is a woman with special power of knowing things in advance. Once she gets a dream of her sister getting murdered. After sometimes her sister disappears. After a long investigation, police fails to find her. Later Devi marries a man and moves to his bungalow, where she finds the skeleton of her sister. Later she sees her own death in a dream. Will she be able to stop the murderer from murdering her?


    The story of four women in different circumstance of abuse from their male counterparts, unite together to fight against the male dominated, chauvinistic society. Their struggle , fights and will power is beautifully portrayed in this great movie.


    Raj and Madhu falls in love with each other, runs away from home and get married, against the wishes of their parents. Infuriated parents of both, tries to separate them at any cost.


    Major Jaidev is a very honest and strict military officer, who is in love with Anjali. A politician is kidnapped by a dangerous terrorist. Major Jaidev succeeds in to rescue the politician from the custody of the terrorist. To take revenge on Jaidev, the terrorist joins hand with Anjali.


    A wealthy man Vijay falls in love with Shivani. But, due to some unavoidable situations, she gets married to Ashok. Unable to forget her and heartbroken, he turns into a psychopath and tries to get her back, by disrupting her family life.


    Mahesh and Mohini are childhood sweethearts. Mahesh’s parents get murdered and he goes to jail. Mohini suffers at the hands of her cruel father. After completing his jail term, Mahesh returns to rescue Mohini and take revenge on his parent’s murderers.


    Nisha and Rahul are best friends, who are the members of a dance troupe. Nisha loves Rahul madly. But, Rahul falls in love with a new dancer Pooja who joins the troupe. But, things get complicated when, Rahul finds out that Pooja is already engaged to a man called Ajay and the preparations for their marriage is already in progress.


    Khalujan and Babban are two criminals who are on the run from law, avoiding arrest. They take refuge in a palace where, Khalujan tries to impress a wealthy widow with his poetry. But, Babban hatches a plan of kidnapping with the help of Widows aid.


    Aman is a famous poet, who falls in love with his fan, Pooja. But, Pooja mistakes his friend Akash for Aman and falls in love with him. When Aman becomes aware of this fact, he decides to sacrifice his love for his best friend. But, when Pooja comes to know of this sacrifice, she takes a firm decision on who will be her life partner.


    Inspector Ram arrest a dangerous criminal named Ballu. But, Rams reputation comes under scrutiny when Ballu escapes from Rams custody. Ram’s fiancée Ganga gets undercover and tries to bring Ballu into justice, by befriending him. Things get complicated when Ballu falls in love with Ganga.


    The story of three brave women who fights against the male dominating society, and how they fight for their identity when evil men of a village tries to divide two brothers for their own personal motives.


    Prem and Rajesh are two brothers who belong to a wealthy and big joint family. Prem falls in love with Rajesh’s sister in law Nisha and wants to marry her. Things get complicated when Rajesh’s wife dies in an accident and both families decide to arrange a wedding between Rajesh and Nisha.


    Devdas comes back to India, after spending 10 years in Foreign country and present his wish of marrying his childhood sweetheart Paro. But, his parents refuse to agree, due to Paro’s low status in the society because of her family of her dancers. Paro get married to another man. Heartbroken Devdas, falls in to a life of self destruction, by means of excess Alcoholism.

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    Kishan and karan lives in Mumbai, where karan falls in love with Paro. When Karan goes abroad for the higher studies, Kishen falls into the clutches of a Ruthless underworld Don Anna. When Karan returns to Mumbai, to reunite with Paro and Kishan, Kishan tries to keep Karan as far away as possible from the crime world. But, destiny has some other plans.


    Peter is a brave army officer, trained under a very strict and eccentric major. Chauhan. During a hostage rescue mission Peter loses his leg and retires from the military service. After sometime, when Major visits peter’s village, he comes to know that, Peter is murdered. Infuriated major, vows to take revenge on the peters killers.