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List of Best Movies of Ajay Devgan

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Here i am going to create a list of Best Movies of Ajay Devgan. Please Vote and Comment your reviews.

27 Best Movies of Ajay Devgan (2020 Updated List)

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    The film starring Ajay Devgan, Sonakshi Sinha and Parineeti Chopra and this movie is directed by Abhishek Dudhaiya and produced by Ginny Khanuja, Vajir Singh, Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Abhishek Dudhaiya and this film is going to release in the upcoming year 2020


    Pritam and geeta are lovers, who separate and marry different partners. After many year they get a chance to re-unite with each other. But, their respective children hate each other and fight, making their reunion, a difficult task.


    Amrish Puri is a very notorious criminal and a mafia don. But his Son Ajay devgan is not interested in criminal activities of his father, and hates his father. But, when his own child gets abducted by a rival gang, Ajay is forced to follow on his father’s footsteps.


    Veer lives in Goa with his friend Prem. Dharam is Veer’s millionaire brother, who gives pocket money to him every month, because of Veer’s lie, that he is married. Veer and Prem take money on interest from a local gangster to participate in car race. But, they loose all their money. One day suddenly Dharam arrives in Goa and mistake Prem’s wife as Veer’s wife, creating a lot of confusion and comic situations.


    Ashwin Mehta is the friend of an attorney Raj Goyal. He introduces Sargam to Raj in a party. Next day Ashwin gets murdered. The prime suspect Is Tarang Bharadwaj, whom Ashwin doesn’t like personally. But, on request of Sargam, Ashwin agrees to defend Tarang.


    The story of four women in different circumstance of abuse from their male counterparts, unite together to fight against the male dominated, chauvinistic society. Their struggle , fights and will power is beautifully portrayed in this great movie.


    A honest and strict police officer Bajirao Singham, fights against a corrupt politician Jaikant Shikre, in this high octane battle of wits and challenges.


    Two great friends and businessmen wants to convert their friendship into relation. They wish to marry their children to each other. But son of one businessman falls in love with a poor girl and daughter of another businessman likes a car mechanic. Both couple runs away from their respective homes to get married.


    Few teenage school student go for trip in a village. They don’t return for a long time. Worried parents lodge a complaint and student all over wage protests and demonstrations against the authorities. A special force Is allocated to find the student. When the investigations starts, the police force uncovers a lot of secrets and face lot of obstacles and challenges from local politics.


    Story of Samar, the son of a prominent political family, who comes back from USA, to enter the dirty world of politics. He experiences a lot of difficulties, personal losses and sacrifices along his political career.


    A terrorist get transferred to Mumbai fro Chandigarh, in the supervision of a strict and honest DCP. DCP recruits a team of diverse group of officers to carry out this impossibly difficult task.


    Michal is a passionate youth with a dream and vision. Arjun is a young man who is having a materialistic approach towards life with dream of becoming rich. Lallan is a local goon, who is working for a gangster. Three of them meets with each other during an accident in Kolkata, after which their lives gets intertwined in a fateful and dangerous manner.


    Laxman gets evicted from his college hostel due to his childhood friends, Madhav, Gopal and lucky, who always create trouble in the hostel. Distressed laxman finds an accommodation in the house of an old couple, where a there is a trunk full of hidden cash and jewelry.


    Ajay is a Young man with full of dreams of becoming a honest police officer. He writes the competitive exam. But, doesn’t get selected. So, he takes 5 lakh rupees on interest, from a local goon, to bribe and get selected. He succeeds and finds his name in the final list. But, due to some unfortunate events, he gets exposed and goes to jail. To, repay the money to the goon, he gets involved in the kidnapping mafia of Bihar.


    Assistant Commissioner Agnel Wilson tries to take down Mafia Don Mirza Sultan, with the help of a bollywood actress. But he fails, instead Sultan marries the actress. Then an upcoming gangster, Shoaib Khan overthrows Sultan to become the new Don of Mumbai.


    Amay is a honest and strict IAS officer, who is already been transferred 49 times. Tauji is a very powerful and influential local politician. Suddenly Amay starts getting tips from an anonymous person, about the massive illegal money stocked by Tauji. Amay decides to Raid Tauji’s house and succeeds in finding the hidden wealth, against all odds and pressure from all sides.


    Nandini is a spoiled rich girl, who falls in love with an Italian Nri Sameer. But, Nandini get married to a lawyer, Vanraj. Heartbroken Sameer travels back to Italy. But, nandini keeps on writing to Sameer. When Vanraj becomes aware of this, he decides to re-unite Nandini and Sameer.


    Manu is a jobless person, who is trying to set up a new business. He asks the financial help from his ex-girlfriend Neeru, who is married to another man. The ex lovers start meeting more often, and talk about their past. As the meetings increase, Manu realizes that all is not well in Neeru’s present life.


    IPS Amit Kumar get posting to a town, with the instructions to reduce the crime rate of the city. Amit has the tough task of dealing with the corrupt fellow officers, cunning politicians and brutal criminals. Then Amit decides to deal with this situation in an unusual and thinkable way.


    Ajays mother is a muslim, who falls in love with a Hindu man and marries him. Fearing opposition from muslims, she lives as a Christian lady. When she tells her death wish to be buried as a muslim, Hindu nationalists oppose this and tension increases between Fanatic Hindus and Muslims.


    Chandu is a gangster’s right hand and Mallik is a local gangster. They both become best friends and form their own gang. As their gang grows and activities go out of control, a dispute arises between them about handling Mumbai underworld. Eventually, they fall apart and become bitter enemies.


    Bhagat Singh grows experiencing injustice and atrocities under British rule in India, which motivates him to become a fierce freedom fighter of India. He joins hand with other freedom fighters to organize protests, hunger strikes and violent activities against the British. The British captures him and hangs.


    In this Indianised version of Shakespeare's "Othello", Langda Tyagi dreams of becoming the successor of the half-cast bandit, Omkara, after the election. But, Omkara appoints Kesu as his successor. Infuriated Tyagi feels betrayed and plots revenge, with the help of Omkara’s wife Dolly threatening the lives of everyone involved.


    When GOA’s IGP’s son, starts blackmailing the daughter of a local businessman, who is movie buff, the businessman’s wife and daughter kills the youngster. When police comes looking after him, the businessman uses all his movie watching experience, to save his family.


    Chatrapati shivaji is fighting for the Swaraj(independence). Subedar Tanhaji malusare is one of the most loyal apprentices of Shivaji. When udayabhan, a moghal loyal moves towards kondhana fort, to capture it, shivaji sends Tanhaji to face Udayabhan. Tanhaji battles fiercely to defend Kondhana.