Best MBC Korean Drama Series to Watch Online List

Best MBC Korean Drama Series to Watch Online List

1. My Contracted Husband Mr.Oh

My Contracted Husband Mr.Oh is one of the best romantic K-dramas which was aired from 3rd March 2018 on MBC TV which is a South Korean free-to-air channel. This South Korean melodrama has a popular star cast including Uee, Jung Sang-hoon, Han Sun-hwa and Kim Kang-woo. South Korean director Baek Ho-min has directed this series. My Contracted Husband Mr.Oh is also watchable in Hindi dubbed other then the Korean language. It is also know as My Husband Oh Jak-doo.

My Contracted Husband Mr.Oh: South Korean TV Series

2. My Secret Terrius

My Secret Terrius is a South Korean television series which was aired on Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) between the time duration of 27th September to 15th November 2018.  It’s a South Korean mystery drama series which is based on the story of a lady who’s husband get lost due to a complicated conspiracy. This television series also known as “Terius Behind Me”. There several famous South Korean actors and actress are in this fabulous television series including Im Se-mi, Son Ho-jun, Jung In-sun and So Ji-Sub in the lead roles.

My Secret Terrius: South Korean TV Series

3. King’s Love

King’s Love is a South Korean drama which was aired during 17th July 2017 to 19th September 2017 on MBC channel. This Korean drama is also known as The King Loves, The King is in Love and The King in Love. This historical Korean drama is directed by one of the well recognized South Korean directors Kim Sang-hyeop. It has a talented star cast of Hong Jong-hyun, Im Si-wan and Im Yoon-ah, these all have worked well and played their character very impressively. You can not only watch it in Korean and English but in Hindi dubbed also.

King’s Love: South Korean TV Series



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