List of Best Lee Jung-Shin Korean TV Shows

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Best Lee Jung-Shin Korean TV Shows List
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    1. 1. My First Love (Melting Heart)

      My First Love is a South Korean series based on romantic comedy story-line with touch of a blissful fantasy. This south Korean drama was aired during the 8th January 2018 to 6th February 2018 on OCN movie channel owned by CJ ENM E&M Division. This Korean drama is based on a webtoon which was released in 2015. It has a beautiful script and screenplay that is glorified by the famous Korean television stars along with Lee Yeol-eum, Lee Jung-shin and Lee Yeol-eum. After getting a huge love of the viewers, this South Korean drama is dubbed in Hindi with the title "Melting Heart" which available online.

      My First Love (Melting Heart): South Korean TV Series

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