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List of Best Kannada Movies of 2019

Updated: February 15, 2020 By: Wikilistia Staff

Here i am going to create a list of Best Kannada Movies of 2019. Please Vote and Comment your reviews.

Best Kannada Movies of 2019 List
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    1. 1. K.G.F. Chapter 1

      K.G.F. Chapter 1

      K.G.F Chapter 1 is an Indian film which has been published on 2018.

      K.G.F. Chapter 1: Hindi Dubbed Movie

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    2. 2. Rambo Straight Forward

      Rambo Straight Forward

      Rambo Straight Forward is a Kannad language action, drama and romance film released on 18th October 2018. It is starring by Yash, Radhika Pandit and Shaam and directed by Mahesh Rao. The wonderful story of this movie is written by Anil kumar and produced by K. Manju. Music composer of this movie is V. Harikrishna who did an excellent work.

      Rambo Straight Forward: Tamil Movie

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    3. 3. Pogaru



      Pogaru: Kannada Movie

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    4. 4. Kaithi



      Kaithi: Tamil Movie

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    5. 5. KGF Chapter 2

      KGF Chapter 2

      After a great Success of KGF Kannada film, KGF-2 movie going to release in 2019. As per find information, KGF part 2 will be released on December 2019. Film is directed by Prashanth Neel in which Yash and Srinidhi playing a lead role.

      KGF Chapter 2: Kannada Movie

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    6. 6. Athiratha



      Athiratha: Hindi Dubbed Kannada Movie

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    7. 7. Last Bus

      Last Bus


      Last Bus: Hindi Dubbed Kannada Movie

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    8. 8. Mufti



      Mufti: Hindi Dubbed Kannada Movie

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    9. 9. Shivaji Surathkal

      Shivaji Surathkal

      Shivaji Surathkal is a new released Kannada movie which is full of action.

      Shivaji Surathkal: Hindi Dubbed Kannada Movie

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    10. 10. Love Mocktail

      Love Mocktail


      Love Mocktail: Hindi Dubbed Kannada Movie

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    11. 11. Popcorn Monkey Tiger

      Popcorn Monkey Tiger


      Popcorn Monkey Tiger: Hindi Dubbed Kannada Movie

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    12. 12. Dia



      Dia: Hindi Dubbed Kannada Movie

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    13. 13. Manjulika Returns (Chitram Bhalare Vichitram)

      Manjulika Returns (Chitram Bhalare Vichitram)


      Manjulika Returns (Chitram Bhalare Vichitram): Hindi Dubbed Telugu Movie

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    14. 14. Rani Damayanti

      Rani Damayanti


      Rani Damayanti: Hindi Dubbed Kannada Movie

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    15. 15. Trunk



      Trunk: Hindi Dubbed Kannada Movie

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    16. 16. Mummy (Mummy Save Me)

      Mummy (Mummy Save Me)

      Mummy (Mummy Save Me) is a new released fantastic horror movie in Hindi dubbed language in which Priyanka Upendra, Yuvina Parthavi and Aishwarya Shindogi plays lead roles.

      Mummy (Mummy Save Me): Hindi Dubbed Kannada Movie

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    17. 17. Odeya


      Gajendra is a tough guy, who cannot tolerate crime and tries to stop it by any means possible. He falls in love with an innocent girl named Sakku and decides to leave his old style of life and live peacefully. But, he once again get tempted to become his old self, when his wife’s family faces a danger situation.

      Odeya: 2019

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    18. 18. Alidu Ulidavaru

      Alidu Ulidavaru

      Film tells the story of a popular Tv host who host a programme which investigates the truth behind the myths and superstitions.As He prepares for the 100th episode of his show, he faces a lot of challenges from the channel, his personal relationships and secrets which is haunting him for a long time.

      Alidu Ulidavaru: 2019

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    19. 19. Rustum


      DCP Bharath gets killed by bad guys. His friend ACP Abhishek Bhargav start an investigation on his murder, which leads him to a mafia of organ trafficking in Bengaluru.

      Rustum: 2019

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    20. 20. Mookajjiya Kanasugalu

      Mookajjiya Kanasugalu

      Based on the Jnana Peetha award winning novel of Dr. Shivarama Karanth, of same name, Mookajjiya Kanasugalu narrates the story of an old widow who with a power of deep perception, educates her grandson on several topic of life.

      Mookajjiya Kanasugalu: 2019

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