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List of Best Hollywood Spy Movies

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Here i am going to create a list of Best Hollywood Spy Movies. Please Vote and Comment your reviews.

25 Best Hollywood Spy Movies (2020 Updated List)

This List contains 25 Best Hollywood Spy Movies. Please share your comments and votes on items to make this list more helpful for other users.

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    Claire and Ray are two former CIA agents who now work in the field of espionage. Their latest assignment is to acquire a formula for a product that will earn a fortune for whichever company patents it first. Both starts to work in rival company teams. Things get complicated when a passionate, clandestine affair, develops between them.


    In this comedic spoof of spy films, a cryogenically preserved spy is revived in the present day. Soon the spy discovers the fact that all his manners, fashion sense, vocabulary etc., are seriously out of date. So, he hires a modern woman to teach him modern day’s etiquettes, and help in his fight against his enemy, Dr. Evil.


    A soviet submarine captain takes his vessel called “Red October”, towards the US cost, against all orders by the Russians. When his vessel is detected by the US authorities, the CIA agent Jack Ryan tries to find out the motives of Russian presence on the US coast.


    Harry Pendel is a spy assigned by British, who lives in the disguise of a tailor for the famous and rich people of Panama. He is in the habit of spinning audacious stories which are mostly lies. One such story of his, sets off a series of events, which soon gets out of control with dangerous repercussions.


    A German spy code named “needle”, gets stranded in an island with a beautiful lady and her crippled husband, while returning from England with the information of D-Day invasion for Hitler, falls in love with the lady and gets a difficult choice of choosing the lady and duty.


    Agent Avner Kaufman, gets assigned by Isreali authorities to search and assassinate those who responsible for the murder of 11 Athletes and their coach during 1972 Olympic games. When Avner, with the help of his team assassinates 11 individuals, he starts to doubt the morality of his actions.


    In spite of having a solid field training, CIA expert Susan is always given a desk job. But, Susan is always helping a Brave dashing agent, Bradley Fine, using high tech technology, right from her desk. During a mission, Bradley gets killed by a Bulgarian arms dealer. Susan convinces Agency and gets a chance to go on field mission to take revenge for Bradley’s murder.


    Agent 007, along with his adventurous girlfriend, tries to stop a dangerous villain from SPECTRE organization, who wants to launch a biological germ warfare, which can kill millions of people.


    A group of black teenagers, who wants to overthrow white dominated society, gets a Retired CIA agent, who trains them to become stronger in their cause.


    Joe Turner is a shy and quiet CIA analyst, working with a code name CONDOR. One day when he reaches his office, he finds all his fellow workers murdered. Out of fear, he runs away from the scene and informs his superiors. But, soon finds out that, his own agency is involved in the killing. As a hit man is on his tail, Joe tries to find out the reason for the murders.


    A group of scientists gets kidnapped and released after brainwashing. British spy Harry Palmer is assigned to investigate the case. During his investigation involving criminals, secret agents and his superiors, palmer discovers a mysterious audiotape, labeled “IPCRESS”, which uncovers a lot of hidden truths.


    Two gym employees finds a disc containing a lot of secret about a former CIA Agent. One of the girl wanted money for a life changing cosmetic surgery. So, the couple hatches a plan to earn a lot of money by using the disc. But, their plan goes out of control and affects the lives of everyone around them.


    During the World War II, a French resistance activist Philippe, gets arrested and tortured in a Nazi prison camp. Somehow he succeeds in escaping the Nazi camp, rejoins the French Resistance and exacts his revenge on the betrayer. But, forced to lead a life of tension, paranoia and distress, by the Nazis.


    During the cold war, British spy Alec Lamas, takes one final assignment, before retiring from the service. He enters Germany, in the disguise of a drunken and expelled former MI% agent, to get the information about his captured colleagues. His cover blows and gets arrested. During his interrogation, he comes to know a lot of dirty secrets about both British and Germans.


    In Germany, Stasi officer, Weisler is appointed to spy on an artist and his actress lover, on the suspicion of communism. During the operation, Weisler starts to sympathize with the couple. But, Weisler faces in a dilemma, when his superior officer falls in love with actress and ask Weisler to kill the artist.


    As a part of an undercover operation, a US CIA agent sends his, lover, as a spy, who is the daughter of a convicted German war criminal. She is asked to win the affections of a Nazi officer hiding in Brazil. The situation gets out of control when the Nazi officer becomes serious with the girl and falls in love with her.


    At the end of the Korean War, a US troupe is captured by the communist and brainwashed. When the war ends, soldiers come back to America. One of the sergeants is awarded as a war hero. But a platoon commander, is getting strange nightmares every night, and with the help of another soldier, works hard and uncovers a terrible and dangerous plot.


    In England, head of Secret service agency, MI6, sends an agent to meet a Hungarian General who is having the information about a Russian spy inside MI6. But, the operation goes wrong and the general dies before, the identity of Russian spy is revealed. Under secretary of the state, calls back a veteran retired Agent, to ferret out the mole and put an end to the leakage of vital British information to the Russians.


    A Surveillance expert Harry is hired by a mysterious client, to spy on a young couple. Harry starts the Surveillance with his companion. As the operation progresses, due to a botched previous operation, guilt ridden Harry, gets obsessed with the fact that, whether the young couple are in immense danger.


    An international secret crime organization named SPECTRE, develops a deadly device called Lector. Agent 007 goes to Russia in search of the device. Two bad guys from the organization convince a beautiful girl to stop agent 007.


    During the Nazi regime, a young lady named Rachel, escapes the Gestapo and joins the Jewish Resistance, under a new name. Her superiors assign Rachel to contact and seduce a Nazi officer in order to get their secrets. But, things get complicated when she falls in love with the Nazi army officer.


    When CIA agent, Nathan Muir is about to retire from the agency, one of his best agent get arrested in China, under the espionage charges and face death sentence. Nathan using all his skills and intelligence, try to find a way to free his protégé, from the clutches of brutal Chinese regime.


    Mallory is an agent for a highly secret government security contractor. She is always sent on dangerous missions. During one such mission of rescuing a hostage, she is betrayed by her own agency people and faces danger. When she starts to find for the betrayer, using all her covert agent skills, she uncovers a lot of dirty secrets about her adversaries, who are hell bent on killing her.


    When a CIA agent, deliberately allow a KGB agent, his boss gets furious and threatens to take action against him. But the CIA agent destroys all his records and escape to Austria, where he starts to write a book on all covert practices and wrongdoings of CIA. CIA gets the news about this book, and sends their best agents to get the man, dead or alive.


    Two ex-spies are kidnapped by a very cunning villain, who wants to destroy the world. Two young kids of the ex-spies, named Carmen and Juni, with all their high tech gadgets and out of the world model vehicles, zip through the air, in a series of adventures around the world, to find and save their parents and also the world from the evil mastermind.