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List of Best Hollywood Comedy Movies of All Time

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Here i am going to create a list of Best Hollywood Comedy Movies of All Time. Please Vote and Comment your reviews.

24 Best Hollywood Comedy Movies of All Time (2020 Updated List)

This List contains 24 Best Hollywood Comedy Movies of All Time. Please share your comments and votes on items to make this list more helpful for other users.


    The tribal people in a far African desert are leading a happy life in their world. Chaos ensues, when a Coco-Cola bottle falls from an airplane, in their land. People start fighting over this strange foreign object. In order to restore peace in the land, the Tribal leader take the bottle and leaves for end of the world to give it back to the GOD. On his journey his path crosses with a mad scientist and a group of guerillas who take a school teacher and her students as hostages.


    A lady leaves a suitcase-full of money in Harry Dunne’ (Jeff Daniels) car and leaves for airport. Harry and his friend Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) follows the lady, in order to return the money, not knowing that the money is involved in a kidnapping case. As Harry and Lloyd fall in love with the lady, the bad guys and police, both are on their pursuit.


    Two college freshmen try to get into the club Omega Theta Pi House, but get rejected. Then they try the more notorious and rowdy fraternity, Delta Tau Chi House. But, the college Dean make a secret pact with omega’ president to stop them from entering the club.


    During a big traffic jam caused by a careless driver, before dying tell the fellow drivers that he was involved in a massive loot and he hid the fortune in a certain place. This makes all the driver to race towards the place in search of the hidden fortune.


    A naïve and incompetent police officer tries to stop a plot to turn innocent people into assassins, by mind control. After his assistant gets shot, the officer starts an investigation to find out the culprit, which leads him to a wealthy businessman. But he didn’t find any evidence against him, until he finds businessmen’s secretary, who agrees to help the officer to get the evidence.


    A mother makes a troublesome 8 year old kid to sleep in the attic, the night before they leave for a Paris trip. When the faBestmily leave for the trip, by forgetting to take the kid with them. Kid gets excited realising the fact that he get to live off his own in the house. But, his excitement turns into anxiety and fear when two burgler enter the house for robbery. Now the kid alone has to protect the residence.


    Two best friends decide to enjoy their last week of high school and get invited to a large house party by a mutual friend. They enjoy by drinking a lot of alcohol and befriend two girls in order to kick-start their sex life, before they enter college life. Their plans get complicated when one of them get into trouble with two cops.


    When Felix (Jack Lemmon), gets too much suicidal over his impending divorce with his wife, his friend Oscar (Walter Matthau), invites him to stay with him. To get Felix out of his depression, Oscar arranges a double date of Felix with his British neighbours Cecily (Monica Evans) and Gwendolyn (Carole Shelley). But, when Felix gets even more crazier due to this, their friendship is really put to test.


    A convenient store employee Dante (Brian O\'Halloran) is called in to work, to cover a shift on his day off. His friend Randal (Jeff Anderson) helps him in the job, by neglecting his video store. The same day one of Dante’s ex-girl friends, dies. After her funeral, Dante gets into a difficult choice of staying with his present girlfriend Veronica (Marilyn Ghigliotti) or another of his ex Caitlin (Lisa Spoonhauer).


    A railway worker Bart (Cleavon Little) becomes the first black sheriff of Rock Ridge, a town about to be vacated for a new rail road track. At first the towns people doesn’t accept Bart on racial bias. But, later warms up to Bart and his perpetual drunk gunfighter friend (Gene Wilder), when they realize that they are the only hope for them against the goons sent by the railroad company to evacuate them.


    Corporate employee Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston), hates his job at his software firm and experiences depression. During a consultation under hypnotherapy, his therapist dies leaving Peter in a dreamy state. Due to this he refuses to work overtime, plays at his desk and demands a promotion, among other stupid things. When peter’s friends find about a downsizing plan of the company, they conspire a revenge on the company.


    For a final stag party, A few days before his wedding, Doug (Justin Bartha) and three friends (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis), sets out on a jouney to Las Vegas. The next day of the party, the 3 friends wake up with a hangover, not remembering a single thing of the previous day. They find Doug missing, and retraces the events in order to find him and take him back to Los Angeles before it’s too late for the wedding.


    A documentary style film on a metal band, with interviews with individual members, their complicated history of ups and downs, gold albums, name changes and undersold concert dates, special behind the scenes etc in a real form.


    After getting out of the jail, Jake (John Belushi) reunites with his brother, Elwood (Dan Aykroyd), to form a band called The Blues Brothers. His primary task is to save an orphanage where he grew up from closing, by arranging $5000 to pay the taxes. After trying to arrange the money by performing his band, making some enemies, getting in trouble with the police, the blue brothers struggle to deliver the money on time.


    A young boy named Ralphie Parker (Peter Billingsley) spends most of the time, avoiding a bully (Zack Ward), and dreaming about a Christmas gift "Red Ryder air rifle." Always getting at odds with his cranky dad (Darren McGavin) and being comforted by his caring and loving mother (Melinda Dillon), the boy makes it to the Christmas day with his glasses and hopes intact.


    A TV Anchorman finds himself reliving same day again and again, when he goes to a place called Punxsutawney, where he is there to report their annual Groundhog Day. The anchorman become get tensed over his unusual situation, but finally finds a way to turn the situation into his advantage.


    A young man named Brian, who was born on the same day as Jesus Christ, falls in love with a young rebel, Judith. To impress her, he joins the People's Front of Judea, against Romans. To hide from Romans, he recites some words from Jesus, for which gets mistaken by crowds, as real Jesus Christ. To escape from his followers and reunite with Judith, Brian gets into a lot of hilarious misadventures.


    Two bad guys mistake Jeff `The Dude' Lebowski, for the millionaire The Big Lebowski, and urinates on his expensive rug. Jeff `The Dude' Lebowski, sets out to recompensate his rugs money from the big Lebowski. But, the big Lebowski hires jeff to find his kidnapped wife. Jeff accepts the case, aided by Walter Sobchak, a Vietnam vet, and Donny, master of stupidity.


    After witnessing a mafia murder, saxophone player Joe (Tony Curtis) and his friend Jerry (Jack Lemmon), run away from the town, disguised as ladies. They board a train bound to Florida, where they meet a group of girls from a jazz band. Joe pretends to be a millionaire and falls in love with Sugar (Marilyn Monroe), Where as a real millionaire (Joe E. Brown) falls for Jerry. At the same time Mob men are on the pursuit of Joe and Jerry.


    U.S. Air Force General Jack Ripper is an insane person. He sends his bombing squads to bomb Russia, because he thinks that Communists are planning to pollute the bodily fluids of American people.


    The Tramp (Charlie Chaplin) works in an ultra modern factory, where he can’t cope up with the technological machineries. He keeps on making accidents, for which he goes to jail, again and again. Between his jail sentences, he befriends a young lady and they together faces the difficulties of modern world, with Tramp becoming a waiter and a performer.