List of Best Hindi Dubbed Web Series On Amazon Prime

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Top 10 Hindi Dubbed Web Series On Amazon Prime List

Here we providing you Top 10 Hindi Dubbed Web Series On Amazon Prime List for you. We collect data from the best sources available on the internet and create a top list for you entertainment lovers. Amazon Prime is one the best OTT available now a day for viewers. Amazon Prime has a big number of users who watch contain tin Hindi so we provide this list for Hindi listeners thy can enjoy their favorite shows.

Ever while Netflix vs Prime video combat has begun both platforms have unleashed a stream of amazing new satisfied as well as films and original web series. through the lockdown, many movies are also being released on the OTT platform

1. Star Trek: Picard

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The name of this show perhaps needs no introduction. Star Trek is the main movie franchise, which got a series reboot in 2020. With an IMDB rating of 7.6, the show has been doing well. The demonstrate follows the life of Jean Luc Picard. Apart from the obvious fans of Star Trek, the web series can be enjoyable for all who prefer a sci-fi and desire genre.

2. Jack Ryan

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan' Reveals Official Season 2 Trailer & Premiere Date (VIDEO)

Jack Ryan is the next show on the list of best Hollywood web series on Amazon Prime in Hindi. Released in 2018, the show got 8.1 on IMDB and has been hit with critics and views. The show now has two seasons. It follows the life of Tom Clancy a previous marine who is fighting against the terror organizations. The web series on Prime is presented in Hindi and other local languages. The main highlight of this show is the lead actor, John Krasinski. If action shows are your pick, this show is sure to be a favorite.

3. Mr. Robot

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The show is one of the most seriously much-admired and the actor Rami Malek has become a fan most wanted. The show has 4 parts and an IMDB rating of 8.5. It follows Elliot who is a radiant unstable hacker who works towards breach down a crooked organization. The show has received praise for its honest representation of hacking. The plot is well thought out and engaging. This is one of the best Hindi dubbed web series.

4. The Boys

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Next is the best Hollywood web series on Amazon Prime in Hindi list is The Boys. The show was released in 2019 and got an IMDB rating of 8.7. The story of the show is based on the comics of Dynamite Entertainment. This web series is exclusive and a class separately from your typical superhero shows. Here the heroes don’t situate on an ethical compass but slightly are like celebrities with sumptuous lifestyles. The dark absurdity on this show is amazing and different. If you like funny shows, this is a good Hollywood web series in Hindi.

5. Nine Perfect Strangers

Nine Perfect Strangers review: Nicole Kidman is the biggest disappointment of this series | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

The next on the Hollywood best web series on Amazon Prime in Hindi list is the show Nine Perfect Strangers. The show takes place at a wellness remedy that assures nine strangers of remedial. Masha, the resort’s owner watches over them. The secrecy of what happens to these nine people in the show is attractive. For all who like a fast-paced and strange genre, this series is a good watch with an IDMB rating of 7.5.

6. The Affair

The Affair TV show on Showtime: season 4 - canceled + renewed TV shows - TV Series Finale

The series has 5 parts and a rating on IDMB of 7.9. As the name of the show suggests the series’ scheme revolves around an affair. A waitress Alison starts an extramarital concern with a teacher, Noah. The series takes us through the journey of their relationship and the aftereffects of the affair. The series is perfect for a drama lover. The character is serious with emotions and well-deserving of getting a mark on the best Hollywood web series in the Hindi list.

7. NOS4A2



This awfulness and desire sequence is based on a novel of the same name. This Hindi dubbed horror sequence follows the story of a woman named Vic McQueen. She discovers that she has paranormal abilities to find lost things. A perpetual being by the name of Charlie Manx, who feeds on children’s souls. Her encounter with Charlie put both in danger and both are fighting for survival. Nos4a2 is an amazing Hindi dubbed horror series on Amazon  Prime Video.

8. McMafia

Hindi Dubbed series on prime video

McMafia is yet another Amazon original sequence offered in Hindi and other languages.McMafia is the story of a Russian crime family is living in expel in London. Alex is the elder son who runs a legal business but gets complicated in the family’s past. If crime-type films and series is your thing, you will absolutely enjoy this one. It has gotten superior reviews from both users and critics. Both seasons of McMafia are offered to stream on Prime Video.

9. Fear the Walking Dead

I am sure you have heard about the renowned tv sequence Walking Dead, this is a by-product series. Fear the Walking Dead is the narrative of two families that are trying to survive the zombie disaster in Los Angeles. The story is somewhat different from the unique series but the formation is the same. Fear the Walking Dead is an incredible Hindi dubbed sequence on Prime Video in the horror genre. There are five seasons of this run and the sixth season will be upcoming this year. So if you are looking for a horror web series, you can start binging this one.

9. The Purge

The purge

Many movies related to this idea are available on OTT. The Purge is a horror-action tv sequence situated in the United States (Alternate universe). To keep the offense rates below one percent, the government passes a regulation for the purge. During that period of 12 hours, there are no laws and every crime is legal for that era. Some citizens will fight, some will conceal and this gets out of organizing during those 12 hours.  There are only 10 episodes in each season and in two seasons you can easily binge it through the weekend.

10. Manifest

Why Manifest Season 4 Wasn't Rescued | Den of Geek

Manifest takes us on an appealing journey of 191 passengers who were supposed to be dead after the colliding of the Montego Air Flight 828. We follow them as they determine realities approximately them. If drama with some sci-fi vision is your pick, this show is a good one.

These top 10 web series of Hollywood are available on amazon prime in the Hindi language. So if you want Hollywood action, horror, sci-fi, and comedy these are the best picks for you. Comment your views in the comment box below.



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