List of Best Guitarists from Albania

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The guitar is musical instrument usually made of wood with six strings and long fretted neck, played with spectrum or fingers. There are two broad categories of guitar such as acoustic guitar and electric guitar. A guitarist is a person who plays a guitar. The guitar was first played in Europe in 12th century. The modern guitar has constructed according to both left and right handed players. Here we are going to create the list of best guitarists from Albania. In this list you can see all best guitarists belongs to Albania with complete details.

Best Guitarists from Albania List
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    1. 1. Dren Abazi

      Dren Abazi

      Dren Abazi is a founder and leader of Zig Zag Orchestra. This is a very famous and popular band of Albania and other neighbour countries. Abazi is a famous Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Composer and Producer. He was born on 13th February 1985 in Pristina, Yugoslavia. He also released many successful albums and single songs in his career. His band composes and performs multicultural trans-ethnic music.

      Dren Abazi: Albanian Singer

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    2. 2. Petrit Ceku

      Petrit Ceku

      Petrit Çeku is famous classical guitarist of Albania who born on 2nd June 1985 in Prizren, Kosovo. He had started to play guitar in the age of six years. Ceku released many popular albums and single songs his career. Petrit Ceku also performs regularly at many music festivals such as Moscow Guitar Virtuosi, Next Generation Festival, Pristina’s Remusica Festival, Panama Guitar Festival and Samobor Festival.

      Petrit Ceku: Albanian Guitarist

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    3. 3. Bledar Sejko

      Bledar Sejko

      Bledar Sejko is a famous guitarist, singer and composer who was created the first Rock band Megahertz in Albania. In Eurovision Song Contest 2013 he also represented Albania with a song "Identitet". Sejko is the great performer of guitar of Albania. He also released many popular songs. He is famous guitarist who achieved a successful stage in music industry. Sejko given his last performance at Festivali i Kenges.

      Bledar Sejko: Albanian Guitarist

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    4. 4. Kastro Zizo

      Kastro Zizo

      Kastro Zizo: Albanian Singer

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    5. 5. Eugent Bushpepa

      Eugent Bushpepa

      Eugent Bushpepa: Albanian Singer

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    6. 6. Frederik Ndoci

      Frederik Ndoci

      Frederik Ndoci: Albanian Singer

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    7. 7. Ermal Mamaqi

      Ermal Mamaqi

      Ermal Mamaqi: Albanian Actor

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    8. 8. Alban Skenderaj

      Alban Skenderaj

      Alban Skenderaj: Albanian Singer

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    9. 9. Ermal Meta

      Ermal Meta

      Ermal Meta: Albanian-Italian Singer

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    10. 10. Elton Deda

      Elton Deda

      Elton Deda: Albanian Singer

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