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The Germany cinema is a very popular cinema in film industry that focused on technical, artistic , broadcasting and television technology. This cinema was released many blockbuster movies in 2018-2019 like Never Look Away, 100 Things, Cold War, Transit, Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver, The Golden Glove, Blame Game and Berlin, I Love You these movies earned lots of box office collection. Here we are going to create the list of new German movies 2018-2019.

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  1. 1. Never Look Away


    Never Look Away is a fantastic story film that is released at German box office on 3rd October 2018. The story of this great film is written by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck.In this film music is composed by Max Richter. This is a romantic, history, drama film featuring by Tom Schilling, Sebastian Koch and Paula Beer as lead characters.

    Release Date3 October 2018
    StarsTom Schilling, Sebastian Koch, Paula Beer
    Directed byFlorian Henckel von Donnersmarck
    Written byFlorian Henckel von Donnersmarck
    Produced byQuirin Berg, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, Jan Mojto, Max Wiedemann
    Music byMax Richter
    Edited byPatricia Rommel
    DistributorWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
    SubtitleGerman Movie

    I thought this was a superb film, though flawed at times and 30 mins too long. - deepak

  2. 2. 100 Things


    100 Things is a new released German language film in which Florian David Fitz, Matthias Schweighofer, Miriam Stein, Hannelore Elsner, Wolfgang Stumph, Katharina Thalbach, Johannes Allmayer, Sarah Victoria Frick and Max Bretschneider plays lead roles. It is released at box office on 6th December 2018.

    Release Date6 December 2018
    StarsFlorian David Fitz, Matthias Schweighofer, Miriam Stein
    Directed byFlorian David Fitz
    Written byFlorian David Fitz
    SubtitleGerman Movie

    100 Things is an amazing story film which is full of comedy scenes. If you depressed or stressed then you can watch this great film that changes your mood. - deepak

  3. 3. 25 km/h


    25 km/h is a famous film in German language directed by Markus Goller and produced by Oliver Ziegenbalg and Markus Goller. The story of this fantastic film is written by Oliver Ziegenbalg. The movie stars Lars Eidinger, Bjarne Madel, Sandra Huller, Franka Potente, Alexandra Maria Lara, Jella Haase and Wotan Wilke Mohring plays lead roles.

    Release Date31 October 2018
    StarsLars Eidinger, Bjarne Madel, Sandra Huller
    Produced byOliver Ziegenbalg, Markus Goller
    Directed byMarkus Goller
    Written byOliver Ziegenbalg
    Music byAndrej Melita, Peter Horn
    SubtitleGerman Movie

    After watching this film i have decided that this was a great story film in which you will watch adventure and comedy scenes. - deepak

  4. 4. Transit


    Transit is a new released German language drama film starring by Franz Rogowski, Paula Beer, Godehard Giese, Maryam Zaree and Ronald Kukulies in prominent roles. I love the story of this film. It is directed and produced by Christian Petzold. The famous singer Stefan Will composed music for this film.

    Release Date5 April 2018
    StarsFranz Rogowski, Paula Beer, Godehard Giese, Maryam Zaree
    Music byStefan Will
    Directed byChristian Petzold
    Box Office Collection$612,482
    SubtitleGerman Movie

    I thought it was beautiful and good story film which is based on a fresh concept. - deepak

  5. 5. Haunted Hospital: Heilstatten


    Haunted Hospital: Heilstatten is a fantastic story German language film directed by Michael David Pate. This is a horror, thriller movie that is released at German box office on 22 February 2018. In this film Nilam Farooq, Farina Flebbe, Sonja Gerhardt, Maxine Kazis, Lisa-Marie Koroll, Emilio Sakraya and Tim Oliver Schultz plays lead roles.

    Release Date22 February 2018
    StarsNilam Farooq, Farina Flebbe, Sonja Gerhardt
    Directed byMichael David Pate
    Written byMichael David Pate, Ecki Ziedrich
    Production CompanyFox International Productions, Schmerbeck Filmproduktion
    SubtitleGerman Movie

    Haunted Hospital: Heilstatten is a great movie that i was watched with my friends in a theatre. - deepak

  6. 6. 303 Movie


    303 is a very good story film featuring by Mala Emde, Anton Spieker, Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey, Thomas Schmuckert, Jorg Bundschuh and Steven Lange as lead characters. This is a romance, comedy, drama film directed by Hans Weingartner. It is released at box office on 19th July 2018.

    Release Date19 July 2018
    StarsMala Emde, Anton Spieker, Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey
    Directed byHans Weingartner
    Written byHans Weingartner, Silke Eggert
    SubtitleGerman Movie

    one of the greatest film i have ever watched. In this film you will feel an unforgettable journey of life. The story of this film is amazing. - deepak

  7. 7. The Little Witch


    The Little Witch is a famous German movie that is released on 1st February 2018 at box office. The story of this amazing movie is written by Matthias Pacht and Otfried Preußler. This is a family comedy drama film in German language featuring by Karoline Herfurth, Axel Prahl, Luis Vorbach, Momo Beier, Suzanne von Borsody, Barbara Melzl and Eveline Hall as lead characters.

    Release Date1 February 2018
    StarsKaroline Herfurth, Axel Prahl, Luis Vorbach
    Directed byMike Schaerer
    Written byMatthias Pacht, Otfried Preußler
    Production CompanyClaussen + Putz Filmproduktion, Zodiac Pictures International
    SubtitleGerman Movie

    The Little Witch is a great story film in which you can watch many comedy and family scenes. - deepak

  8. 8. Herrliche Zeiten


    Herrliche Zeiten is a fantastic story film in which Katja Riemann, Oliver Masucci, Samuel Finzi, Lize Feryn, Yasin El Harrouk and Lena Schmidke plays lead roles. This is a comedy, drama film in German language directed by Oskar Roehler and produced by Jutta Muller.

    Release Date3 May 2018
    StarsKatja Riemann, Oliver Masucci
    Directed byOskar Roehler
    Produced byJutta Müller
    Music byMartin Todsharow
    Edited byPeter R. Adam
    Production CompanyMolina Film
    DistributorConcorde Filmverleih
    Release Date3 May 2018
    SubtitleGerman Movie

    Herrliche Zeiten is one of the my favourite movie that i was watched 10 times with my friends and family. - deepak

  9. 9. Cut off (Abgeschnitten)


    Cut off (Abgeschnitten) is a new released German movie directed by Christian Alvart. The story of this film is written by Sebastian Fitzek and Michael Tsokos. This is a action, crime, horror movie featuring by Moritz Bleibtreu, Jasna Fritzi Bauer, Lars Eidinger, Fahri Yardim, Enno Hesse and Christian Kuchenbuch.

    Release Date11 October 2018
    StarsMoritz Bleibtreu, Jasna Fritzi Bauer, Lars Eidinger
    Directed byChristian Alvart
    Written bySebastian Fitzek, Michael Tsokos
    SubtitleGerman Movie

    After watching this film i have given 5 stars rating to this film. This is a fresh concept movie which is full of entertainment. - deepak

  10. 10. Luis and the Aliens


    Luis and the Aliens is a animated German language film that is released at box office on 24th August 2018. This is a comedy, adventure cartoon movie in which Callum Maloney, Dermot Magennis, Ian Coppinger, Paul Tylak, Lucy Carolan, Eoin Daly, Aileen Mythen, Simon Toal and Danna Davis plays lead roles. It is directed by Christoph Lauenstein and Wolfgang Lauenstein.

    Release Date24 August 2018
    StarsCallum Maloney, Dermot Magennis, Ian Coppinger
    Directed byChristoph Lauenstein, Wolfgang Lauenstein
    Written byWolfgang Lauenstein, Christoph Lauenstein
    Production CompanyUlysses Filmproduktion, Fabrique d\'Images
    SubtitleGerman Movie
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