List of Best Football Players from Angola

Football is a international sport which is played between two teams of 11 player each on a rectangular ground. In this sport the players kicking a ball with foot to score a goal. In a football match the player only use their body to move the ball into a goal. Football is an Olympic games which is very popular and millions of people plays this game worldwide. Here we are going to create a list of best football players who born in Angola. The list also include names like Akwá, Flávio Amado, Ze Kalanga, Mantorras, Rui Marques. These facts and figures have been taken from a reputed source over a internet to inform people.

Best Football Players from Angola List

1. Akwa


Fabrice Alcebiades Maieco is a famous footballer of Angola, he is popularly known as Akwa. In his starting career he played for three football clubs Academica de Coimbra, Benfica and F.C. Alverca. He is born on 13th May 1977 in Benguela, Angola. Akwa also hold a record of 36 goals. He is a member of Angolan National Team. In 1995 Akwa won his first cap for Angola against Mozambique.

Akwa: Angolan Former Football Player

2. Flavio Amado

Flavio Amado

Flavio da Silva Amado is former football forward of Angola and popularly known as Flavio. Flavio won many medals in his career for his country. Now he is a coach for Petro Atletico in Angola. He score his first goal at FIFA Club World Championship 2006. He was born on 30th December 1979 in Luanda, Angola. Flavio is a member of Angolan National Team and he performed very well in every match.

Flavio Amado: Angolan Former Football Forward

3. Ze Kalanga

Ze Kalanga

Paulo Baptista Nsimba was born on 12th August 1983 in Luanda, Angola. He is a famous football player of Angola who achieved a successful stage in football sport. The nickname of Paulo Baptista Nsimba is Ze Kalanga. He is member of Santa Rita club and won many matches for his country. On 21st June Ze Kalanga also awarded with Man of the Match at the World Cup.

Ze Kalanga: Angolan Footballer

4. Mantorras


Pedro Manuel Torres is famous Angolan football player who played as striker. He represented Angola at 2006 world cup and at two Africa cups. Torres is popularly known as “Mantorras”. He was born on 18th March 1982 in Huambo, Angola. Mantorras started his professional career with Benfica where he get so success. He also played at 2001 FIFA World Youth Championship in Argentina and scored 1-1 group stage draw against Australia.

Mantorras: Angolan Footballer

5. Gilberto


Gilberto full name is Felisberto Sebastiao da Graça Amaral who is a retired Angolan footballer who was born 21 September 1982 at Luanda, Angola. He were played as Left winger, Left midfielder from Benfica de Luanda. He start his youth carrier from Petro Atletico club.

Gilberto: Brazilian Football Player

6. Marco Airosa

Marco Airosa

Marco Airosa also known with the birth name Marco Ibraim de Sousa Airosa. He is a professional footballer from Angola who plays on Right Back position from Cypriot club AEL Limassol group. He was born on 6 August 1984 at Luanda, Angola. He start his journey from 1994 when she called from Pescadores.

Marco Airosa: Angolan Footballer

7. Bartolomeu Jacinto Quissanga

Bartolomeu Jacinto Quissanga

Bartolomeu Jacinto Quissanga: Angolan Footballer

8. Manucho


Manucho: Angolan Footballer

9. Mateus Galiano da Costa

Mateus Galiano da Costa

Mateus Galiano da Costa: Angolan Footballer

10. Love


Love: Angolan Footballer

11. Andre Macanga

Andre Macanga

Andre Macanga: Angolan Football Coach

12. Gelson


Gelson: Portuguese Footballer



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