List of Best Female Fencers from Algeria

Fencing is a sport of fighting in which two competitors fight each other foils, épées, or sabres, according to a set of rules, in order to score points against an opponent. It is an Olympic sport and very popular worldwide. Fencing is governed by Fédération Internationale d’Escrime (FIE). The head office of fencing is located in Lausanne, Switzerland. There are three forms of modern fencing, each uses a different kind of weapon like foil, épée, and sabre and rules.

Below are the list of best female fencers from Algeria which include names like Hadia Bentaleb, Zahra Gamir, Anissa Khelfaoui, Lea Moutoussamy. These facts and figures have been taken from the reputed source over the internet to inform people.

Best Female Fencers from Algeria List

1. Hadia Bentaleb

Hadia Bentaleb

Hadia Bentaleb was born on 31st August 1980, she is a famous Algerian épée Fencer who many medals for her country in various championships and events. In 2008 Bentaleb represented Algeria at summer Olympics in Beijing at women individual epee event. She is great fencer who have good skills of swordsmanship. Read more detail about Hadia Bentaleb by click on “View More” tab given below the article.

Hadia Bentaleb: Algerian Fencer

2. Zahra Gamir

Zahra Gamir

Zahra Gamir was born on 18th April 1966, she is a great fencer of Algeria who won many medals in various championships and competitions for her country. She participated at 2000 and 2004 summer Olympics at women individual epee event. You can read more information about Zahra Gamir and his career through “View More” tab given below the article.

Zahra Gamir: Algerian Fencer

3. Anissa Khelfaoui

Anissa Khelfaoui

Anissa Khelfaoui was born on 19th August 1991 Kiev, Ukraine. She is a famous Algerian foil fencer who won many medals at various events and championships for her country. She participated at 2012 and 2016 summer Olympics in women’s foil event and defeated in first. She is a great fencer with 1.6 m height and 63 kg weight. Read complete detail about her career through “View More” tab given below the article.

Anissa Khelfaoui: Algerian Athlete

4. Wassila Redouane-Said-Guerni

Wassila Redouane-Said-Guerni

Wassila Redouane-Said-Guerni: Algerian Olympic Athlete

5. Ferial Salhi

Ferial Salhi

Ferial Salhi: Algerian Olympic Athlete



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