List of Best Educational Apps for Teachers & Students

Education is became the most important part of our life to achieve success. In today’s scenario quality education is so rare and students are peregrinating here and there for the search of quality education. In digital India many students also use technologies to learn things at a rapid speed.

Here we are listing the best educational apps which helps the teachers and students to teach and learn difficult topics at a rapid speed. With these apps, teachers and students can get very easy ideas for teaching and learning of concepts.

Best Educational Apps for Teachers & Students List

1. Amazon Kindle App

Amazon Kindle App

Amazon Kindle App is one of the best learning app for students. The app guide students how to read and learn difficult concepts in a fun way. Students will not need to pay any amount to buy books. Students can download Amazon Kindle app by using Google Play Store. This application also provide various interesting topics for students.

Amazon Kindle App:

2. Brainscape


Brainscape is a best app that boost your learning speed through flashcards. This app explain the each concept perfectly, so you retain knowledge more effectively. The world’s top experts designed this app to provide a unique and quality knowledge to users. App also contain every types of topics for learning. You can download this app by using Google Play Store.


3. TheTeacherApp


TheTeacherApp is specially designed to help teachers to learn topics any time. This app offers various facilities for teachers such as free service, every types of course content, share your classroom stories and more. Teachers can download this app for free by visit at Google Play Store. It is a good platform where every teacher can get quality content to learn.


4. Udacity App

Udacity App

Udacity is a best learning app for the students. This app provide you current skill concepts to improve your knowledge. App also boost your learning speed. Udacity offers a world class content and innovative platform for students. The app is available for download on Google Play Store. You can also download content and other material for offline work session.

Udacity App:

5. Duolingo App

Duolingo App

Duolingo App is the best mobile app that provide a quality contest and easy methods for learning. Through this app you can learn various types of languages like French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Danish, Polish, Greek and more. You can practice speaking, learning, listening, writing and reading skills by playing a game. You can also improve your vocabulary and grammar by answering questions.

Duolingo App:

6. Digital Teacher App

Digital Teacher App

Digital Teacher is a best learning app for teachers that is developed by Code and Pixels Interactive Technologies Private Limited. This app is designed with the aim to improve teacher education and teaching qualities in schools and colleges. Digital Teacher is a animated and self learning multimedia solution that increase the interest and learning power of students.

Digital Teacher App:

7. BYJU’S App


BYJU’S is the best learning App which is specially designed to improve students knowledge with various current concepts and quality content. The application boost the learning power of students through different types of animations. You can easily download this app through the Google Play Store. App also include video lessons, video lectures and many sample papers for students learning.


8. Classtree


Classtree is specially developed to increase learning power of students. The app make you study and learning painless and paperless. App also share photos from gallery and camera with parents. The parents can also view their children report on his mobile. You can also add your class teachers in this app for study.


9. Haikudeck


Haikudeck presentation app is designed to create presentation. This is a great app having millions of animations and images. Teachers and students can create every types of presentation for any topic through this app. You can also add short poems and images in your presentation through the Haiku Deck app. You can download this app using google play store.


10. Math Tricks

Math Tricks

Math Tricks is the best mobile app which offers you a thousands of tricks to solve math questions. App also boost the calculating speed of students by providing various tricks. Students who are weak in basic mathematics like division, multiplication and table, they can download this app. The application provide math tricks for addition, division, subtraction, multiplication, power of two, percent and more. App also have 15 levels for every trick.

Math Tricks:



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