Best Cow Breeds in India

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India is agriculture dominated country so the cattle rearing is the main profession in India for producing milk and the products made by milk. For the production of milk Indian used several varieties of cattle basically cow used.

There are several breads and varieties of cow in India used for the production of milk. Here is the list of Best Cow Breeds in India.

Best Cow Breeds in India [List]
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    1. 1. Sahiwal


      Sahiwal is the best breed and used in dairy production. It is the breed of Zebu cattle. The name Sahiwal originated from the Sahiwal district of Punjab. Initially the Sahiwal breed was used for dual-purpose in Australia.


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    2. 2. Red Sindhi

      Red Sindhi

      Red Sindhi is one of the best breed of Cow. This breed originated in Pakistan, Sindh. At this time this breed kept in mostly parts of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka for the production of milk.

      Red Sindhi:

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    3. 3. Rathi


      Rathi is originated in Rajasthan, India. Basically it have two variants Rathi and Rath. Rathi is a draft breed while Rath is a pure milch variant. Rath breed is originated in Alwar, Rajasthan and have white skin with black or gray spots.


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    4. 4. Deoni


      The native breed of cattle in India is Deoni. This is also known as Dongari and Dongarpati. This breed has been developed from a strain descended from a mixture of Gir, Dangi and local cattle. Deoni is medium size cattle.


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    5. 5. Kankrej


      Kankrej is an Indian breed originates from the Rann of Cutch in the state of Gujarat. It is also present in Tharparkar District, in Sindh, Pakistan. It is used for dual purpose for draught work and for milk production.


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    6. 6. Ongole


      Ongole is the most popular breed in India. This breed originates the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. This breed commonly used in bull fights in Mexico and East Africa. It have more strength and aggressiveness as compare to others.


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    7. 7. Amrit Mahal

      Amrit Mahal

      Amrit Mahal is comes in the best category of cow breed. It is originated from the Mysore in Karnataka, India. The bull of this breed is popular for their speed and great endurance of power. This type of breed are poor milk producer but classified to be a draught breed.

      Amrit Mahal:

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    8. 8. Kangayam


      Kangayam is popular breed in Tamil Nadu. This breed have many qualities that are disease resistant and low body mass index, low metabolic rate and low water requiring, has capacity to withstand heat and humidity stress and resilience capacities. So it is used for the agricultural operations and hauling.


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    9. 9. Vechur


      Vechur is the breed of Bos indicus cattle breed and originated from the village Vechoor, Kerala in India. This breed have yielding up to 3 liter of milk a day but milk have medicinal qualities. It is easy digestibility due to smaller fat globule size.


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    10. 10. Gir Breed

      Gir Breed

      Gyr is originating in South Asia also it is the types of Zebu Cattle. It is large size breed having females average weight 385 kg with a height of 130 cm and the males average 545 kg with a height of 135 cm. Gir is gentle type breed having shining red to spotted white skin (soft, thin, and glossy).

      Gir Breed:

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