Best Cities to Live in Haryana

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Haryana is a Northern State of India and Chandigarh is known as the capital of Haryana. It was carved out from the East Punjab on 1 November 1966 due to linguistic issues. It is situated in 44,212 km2 total area which total population was counted 25,353,081 in 2011. Its official language is Hindi while Demonym is Haryanvi.

As per find information, Haryana has total 22 districts which largest district and city known as Faridabad. Black buck is famous animal of Haryana while Black Francolin is famous bird and Lotus is famous flower.

There are many cities located in Haryana which is also known as most cleanest cities and good residential area of Haryana. Here we are going to create a list about such cities which are suitable to live.

Best Cities to Live in Haryana [List]
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    1. 1. Kurukshetra


      Kurukshetra is a District and city of Haryana and also known as Dharmakshetra, Land of Bhagwad Gita. Its total population was counted 964,655 in 2016 according to Wikipedia. The Mahabharata war was held in Kurukshetra. There are many various religious place located in this city such as Brahma Sarovar, Bhishma Kund, Sannahit Sarovar, Sheikh Chilli Tomb and Maqbara, etc. Apart from these things, many other places available here which are a great attraction for tourists.


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    2. 2. Gurugram


      Gurugram commonly known as Gurgaon which is also famed as Millennium city. This city is situated in 282.7 sq mi total area which total elevation is 711.9 ft. Its total population was counted 8,76,824 in 2011. Gurugram is a develop city where many heritages and tourist attraction are available such as Kingdom of Dreams, Sultanpur National Park, Leisure Valley Park, Aravali Bio Diversity park, Sheetla Mata Mandir, etc. DLF Gateway tower also located here which is known as Skyline of the City.


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    3. 3. Karnal


      Karnal is a city of Indian State Haryana located in National Capital Region. This city is situated in 2,520 km2 area which total population was counted 286,827 in 2011. Its official languages are Hindi , Punjabi, English while regional language is Haryanvi. India's first female astronaut Kalpana Chawla was also from Karnal. Apart from this, many places and locations are available in Karnal which makes it best city to live for people.


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    4. 4. Chandigarh


      Chandigarh is the most beautiful city of Haryana which was established on 1 November 1966. It is also known as Union Territory in India and capital of Haryana and Punjab. This city is situated in 114 km2 total area which total elevation is 350 m (1,150 ft). According to source, its total population was more than 1,055,450 in 2011. There are many famous heritages and locations are available in Chandigarh such as Place of Assembly, Rock Garden, Rose Garden, Sukhna Lake, Open Hand Monument, etc.


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    5. 5. Ambala


      Ambala is a city and districts of Haryana which was established in 14th century CE by Amba Rajput. This city is situated in 1,568.85 km2 total area which elevation is 264 m. As per find information, its total population was counted 207,934 in 2011. Its official language are Hindi, English and Punjabi while Hindi mostly spoken here Ambala is a developed city where many places and heritages are located like Patel Park, Holy Redeemer Church, Ambika Devi Temple and India park.


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    6. 6. Panipat


      Panipat is a city of Haryana which was carved out from the Karnal District on 1 November 1989, thereafter 24 July 1991 it was again merged with Karnal District while in 1992, it was again became a separate district. Panipat popularly known for three three battles which was held in 1526, 1556 and 1761. It is also known with various names like City of Weavers, Textile City, cast-off capital and The Global Centre for Recycling Textiles. A various interesting points are located in Panipat.


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    7. 7. Hisar


      Hisar is a district and city of Haryana, also a part of Hisar division. This city is situated in 3,983 km2 area which population was counted 1,537,117 in 2001. Hisar is also known as one of the five cities belonging to Sarasvati Valley Civilization. Jindal Stainless Steel Factories are also located in Hisar. Many tourist places and parks also available in Hisar which are a center of attraction like Firoz Shah Place, Town Park, Jindal Park, Blue Bird lake, Lala Lajpat Rai Statue, etc.


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    8. 8. Faridabad


      Faridabad is the largest city of Haryana which is situated in 742.9 km2 develop area. The city was established in 1607 which official language are Hindi, Haryanvi and Punjabi. As per find information, its total population was 1,404,653 people in 2011. Faridabad is famous for many heritages like Surajkund, Badkhal Lake, Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctury and Nahar Singh Mahal. Apart from this, it is a developed city which is best place to live.


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    9. 9. Panchkula


      Panchkula is a city of Indian state Haryana located 4 km southeast of Chandigarh and 105 km southwest of Shimla and 259 km northeast of New Delhi. It is also known as Chandigarh Tricity which is situated in 898 km2 total area. Many types of languages are spoken here like Hindi, Punjabi, English and Punjabi. According to source, in 2011 its total population was counted 561,293. There are many places in Panchkula to visit like Mansa devi mandir, ChhattBir Zoo, Gurudwara Nada Sahib, etc.


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    10. 10. Sonipat


      Sonipat is 10th Municipal Corporation of Haryana It is in NCR It is counted in developed cities of haryana It first place after delhi It has Murthal which is famous for 'Dhabas' many bollywood filmstars come to Murthal and Sonipat has Many Universities It is also named as Education City of Haryana And Sonipat gave many Olympics players like Yogeshwar Dutt.


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    11. 11. Rewari


      Rewari is a city and district of Haryana located 82 km form Delhi railway station. This city was founded by Ahirs / Yaduvanshi which total elevation is 245 m. As per information, its total population was counted 900,332 in 2011 and its official language is Hindi while mostly people speaks Ahirwati. There are many places and heritages are available in Rewari like Ghanteshwar Mandir, Steam Loco Shed, Air Veterans House, etc/.


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    12. 12. Kaithal


      safest place to live in haryana


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    13. 13. Bahadurgarh


      fastest developing city of haryana


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    14. 14. Tohana


      tohana is the most famous city in haryana.Tohana is municipal council in haryana and also know as City of Canals . population of tohana is nearby 1,99,820.there are many schools and colleges . the medical service is very well about 70 hospital in tohana .both bus and train service available here.there are many parks in middle of two canals.


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    15. 15. Yamuna Nagar

      Yamuna Nagar

      Beautiful and less crime city in Haryana. Most Industrialist and helping nature people exists here!!!

      Yamuna Nagar:

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