List of Best Boxers from Afghanistan

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This List contains the 7 Best Boxers from Afghanistan.

Boxing is a sport in which two competitors wearing large padded gloves on their hands and punches each other according to special rules. In this sport boxers fight in a square area with ropes around it, called a boxing ring. It is an Olympic game and many boxers from worldwide participates in this sport. Boxing is a very popular sport worldwide and millions of people loved this game. A boxing match is consist up to 9 to 12 rounds and each round consist only 3 minutes. Below are the list of best boxers from Afghanistan which include the names like Esmail Mohammad, Ajmal Faisal, Rabani Ghulam, Basharmal Sultani, Ahmad Nesar.

List of Best Boxers from Afghanistan (7 Items)

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    Ajmal Faisal is a famous Afghan boxer who was born on 14th August 1990 in Kabul, Afghanistan. He won many medals in his career for his country in more
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    Rabani Ghulam is a former professional boxer of Afghanistan who won many medals in his career for his country. He was born on 8th October 1951. He more
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    Esmail Mohammad was born on 4th September 1960, he is famous boxer of Afghanistan. Mohammad was a successful player of Afghan who achieved a more
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    Hamid Rahimi is a famous boxer of Afghanistan who won 23 matches in his career. Rahimi won the World Boxing Union (WBU) Championship in 2012. He was more
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