Best Bollywood Movies of 1980 List

Here i am going to create a list of Best Bollywood Movies of 1980. Please Vote and Comment your reviews.

Best Bollywood Movies of 1980 List

1. Aasha


Deepak is a truck driver who once gives lift to the famous singer Aasha. They become friends. Deepak loves and marries mala, who is having an eye problem and eventually goes blind. Once, Deepak goes missing after a brutal accident. Accusing mala of a bad fortune, Deepak’s mother throws a pregnant mala out of her house. Aasha finds Deepak and fall in love with him. But, soon finds out that Mala is alive. Now Aasha face the difficult choice of whether to tell Deepak about Mala’s whereabouts and loose him forever or hide the truth and marry him.

Aasha: (1980)

2. Alibaaba 40 chor

Alibaaba 40 chor

Alibaba lives with his mother and brother in a village. His father is gone missing for a long time. Alibaba search for his father and rescue him, along with a beautiful slave girl Marjina. While returning, they are being attacked. Attackers kill his father and takes Marjina as captive to sell her in open slave market. Alibaba borrows money from his brother and frees marjina. To recover his money, Alibaba’s brother takes hold of their family fortune and throws Alibaba from his house. At the same time town Khazi announce reward for the capture of notorious decoit Hussain. Alibaba decides to search and capture Hussain to get some money. But, he doesn’t know that khazi and hussain are the same person, who conspire to kill Alibaba.

Alibaaba 40 chor: 1980

3. Humkadam


Indu and Shekhar live in their tiny house with their son. Shekar is struggling to meet ends with his meagre income. Their problem increases when Shekhar’s father, mother and sister come to live with them. At the same time Shekar lose his job also. So, against Shekar’s parents wish, Indu decides to find a job to feed the family. Their marriage soon falls into danger when Shekar finds Indu with her boss in a restaurant and suspect her of an extramarital affair.

Humkadam: (1980)

4. Red Rose

Red Rose

Anand is a well known wealthy businessman with an export company. During a shopping in a cloth store, he meets a simple and poor girl, Sharda, falls in love with her and marries her. As Sharda start living with Anand, in his bungalow, she uncovers deadly secrets from Anand’s past criminal life.

Red Rose: (1980)

5. Bandish


Kishan falls in love with a beautiful girl Madhu during his medical studies. When everything goes smoothly, Madhu gets killed by a hooligan. Depressed kihan relocate to a village, as a doctor in a village clinic. There he finds a lookalike of Madhu and both of them fall in love with each other. But, Kishan is unaware of the fact that his life is going to get disturbed one more time.

Bandish: (1980)

6. Lootmaar


Indian air force officer Bhagat lead a happy life with his wife and son. But his world turns upside down, when during a visit to the bank, his wife get killed by mask wearing robbers. Bhagat starts an investigation to search for the robbers with very few clues like a locket and a tear in a shoe worn by one of the killer. When he reaches to the robbers he is once again threatened for the life of his son.

Lootmaar: (1980)

7. Ram Balram

Ram Balram

Jagatpal is a crooked man, who after killing his step brother, throwing out his sister in law from the house, raise his 2 nephews with an iron hand. Ram becomes a police inspector and Balram becomes a car mechanic. Both fear their uncle so much that, by hook or crook they generate money for their uncle. But, when they find out the truth about their parent, they revolt against him and decide to take him down.

Ram Balram: (1980)

8. Man Pasand (1980)

Man Pasand (1980)

Kamli is a poor girl who sell datoon(tooth brush) in local trains. One day bachelor named Pratap meets her and asks her to go with him, get educated and become a fine lady. She agrees and during the process, fall in love with him. But, she becomes heartbroken when she realises that Pratap doesn’t love her and she is only the subject of a bet between Pratap and his friend, who think that Kamli is so rude, crass and loud that it is impossible to transform her.

Man Pasand (1980): (1980)

9. Hum Paanch

Hum Paanch

Veer Pratap Singh is a very wealthy tyrant who rules a town with his band of goons. He starts an affair with a village girl Sundariya, has physical relation and marries her secretly. When Sundariya gets pregnant, he ask her to abort the child by denying her marriage with him. He kicks Sundariya out of his house. SUndariya take revenge on him with the help of her brothers.

Hum Paanch: (1980)

10. Insaf Ka Tarazu

Insaf Ka Tarazu

Ramesh is the son of a multi-millionaire, who once attends a beauty pageant, where a beautiful girl named Bharati gets crowned. Ramesh likes, meets and takes her to his yacht. They shoot several photos of Bharati there. Next day, Ramesh visit Bharati’s house to show the pictures. Soon after, Ramesh gets arrested for the rape of Bharati. Bharati’s sister Neeta, stands as a witness against Ramesh. But, Ramesh gets released without any charge. Two years later, Bharati gets arrested for the murder of Ramesh. What make Bharati to kill Ramesh is the rest of the story.

Insaf Ka Tarazu: (1980)

11. Thodisi Bewafaii

Thodisi Bewafaii

Arun and Neema falls in n love with each other, gets married and have a son. Due to some misunderstandings with his stepmother and Neema, Arun get in an argument with Neema. Enraged Neema leaves his home with the child, moves into her father’s house and file for a divorce. Neema gets the custody of the child with weekly once permission to Arun to visit his son, till the son become 14 years old. After 14 years when Arun comes to neema’s doorstep to receive his son, Neema tells him that his son has run away from the house. Furious Arun now has the difficult task of finding whether Neema is telling the truth or she is hiding his son somewhere.

Thodisi Bewafaii: (1980)

12. Dostana


Ravi and Vijay are two inseparable kind of childhood friends. Ravi becomes a renowned lawyer and Vijay become a brave and dashing police inspector. Trouble starts when both of them fall in love with a same girl Shalini. Ravi’s underworld clients try to gain and Ancash this situation and create misunderstanding between two friends. Bad guys almost succeed in this misdeed, converting best friends into bitter enemies.

Dostana: (1980)

13. Aanchal


Kishan and Shambu are two brothers who live happily. Kishan is married to Shanta, but they don’t have a child for many years. When a young girl Tulsi come to village, Shambu falls in love with her. But, Tulsi’s cousin Jaggan, doesn’t like their romance. So he spreads a rumour in the village that Shambhu is having an affair with his sister in law Shanta. Kishan buys the rumour and on the suggestion of Jaggan, divorces Shanta and decides to marry Tulsi.

Aanchal: (1980)

14. The Burning Train

The Burning Train

An engineer\’s fantasy about making the ideal train for Indian Railways is given expectation when the organization commissions his model. After years committing himself to his fantasy, his family has endured, yet now he would like to compensate them with the train\’s triumphant debut journey. However, an embittered fellow employee has other ideas. This film is directed by Ravi Chopra, Starring Dharmendra, Vinod Khanna, Jeetendra.

The Burning Train: (1980)

15. Ek Baar Kaho

Ek Baar Kaho

Ravi Verma meets a beautiful young lady named Aarti, and falls in love with her. But, Ravi fails to express her feelings toward her. Unsure of Ravi’s feelings Aarti decides to get married to someone else. Now Ravi fall into the dilemma of speaking openly with Aarti about his love or lose her forever.

Ek Baar Kaho: (1980)

16. Saboot


A rival businessman orders the killing of Seth Dharamdas to his employees. They kill him in a moving train, with the help of a lady. When they try to bury him, the dead body’s eyes open suddenly and stare at them. The lady gets afraid and asks them not to bury him. But, they finish their task and bury him. Several years later the ghost of Seth dharamdas start killing them one by one. Police try hard to catch the killer. But, they fail, because killer vanishes without leaving any evidence (Saboot).

Saboot: (1980)

17. Be-Reham (1980)

Be-Reham (1980)

Kumar Anand is a honest police commissioner, who get separated from his girlfriend, due to his tight duty schedule. Several years later, he comes face to face with his ex-girlfriend and comes to know that she is already married to someone else, who constantly abuses her.

Be-Reham (1980): (1980)

18. Apne Paraye

Apne Paraye

An advocate’s wife, Sideshwari assigns all the household management to Sheila, who is the wife of Chander, advocate’s half brother. Chander is a happy go lucky musician who fails in all business ventures. Trouble starts when Harish, a well known lawyer and brother of Advocate moves in with his family to live with them. Soon Sheila gets accused of misappropriating the funds and thrown out of the house, threatened by a lawsuit against Chander and Sheila, by Harish.

Apne Paraye: (1980)

19. Phir Wohi Raat

Phir Wohi Raat

Dr Vijay is a well known psychiatrist in the town. He is in love with a girl named Asha, who is suffering with hallucinations. Dr, Vijay treats and cures her disease. However, during a vacation to a hill station, Asha comes face to face with a lady who tries to kill her, same like in her hallucination.

Phir Wohi Raat: (1980)

20. Bombay 405 Miles (1980)

Bombay 405 Miles (1980)

Kishan and Kanhaiya are two criminal who is deported from Delhi by the court of law. To stay away from Delhi they board a train to Bombay, where they meet a dying old man who entrust a small an wealthy girl with millions of rupees wealth, named Munni to be taken to her relatives. Since million of money is involved, both criminals compete with each other out of greed and selfishness.

Bombay 405 Miles (1980): (1980)



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