List of Beautiful Historical Places in Chad

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This List contains the 10 Beautiful Historical Places in Chad.

Chad is a beautiful country situated in central Africa. The country has been described as extreme in a continent that is full of destinations that will leave you out of your comfort zone. There are many thing available in Chad to see and do. A huge number of tourist visiting in Chad to see beautiful and historical places of the country. There are many beautiful and historical places in Chad like Zakouma National Park, Lake Chad, Ennedi Desert, Tibesti Mountains, Abéché and more. Below are the list of beautiful historical places in Chad that you should visit one time.

List of Beautiful Historical Places in Chad (10 Items)

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    Zakouma National Park is a largest park of Chad located between Sarh and Am Timan, in the south of Chad. This park has spread in 3,000 square more
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    Lake Chad is the biggest historically, shallow, endorheic lake in Africa. This lake provide water to 30 million people of four countries Chad, more
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    The Ennedi Plateau, located in the northeast of Chad, in the regions of Ennedi-Ouest and Ennedi-Est, is a sandstone bulwark in the middle of the more
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    Tibesti Mountains are the largest mountain and It is located in the extreme north of Chad. The length of mountains is 380 km and width is 350 km, it more
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    Abeche is the 4th largest city in Chad, the capital of Ouaddai Region. It is the hottest city of Chad. The manufacture of camel-hair blankets is one more
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  3. Ennedi Plateau Added by wikiuser
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