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List of Most Beautiful Animals In the World

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Mother Nature never fails to amaze us, She always finds a way to feel us her presence. Everyone said that the human is the most amazing creation of the God but somewhere we forget that there are many beautiful creatures on this planet, you have to bite your nails after seeing them and they will definitely left a spark in your eyes.

Let’s meet the most beautiful animals in the world, This Universe is not only rich in heritage but in forest also and there are various precious animals are living in those forest. Today we are presenting some of these most beautiful and rare animals of the world.

10 Most Beautiful Animals In the World (2020 Updated List)

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    White Bengal Tigers are the symbol of greatness & strength. These tigers represent the beauty with power due to their charming and powerful body shape which can force anyone to stuck their eyes on them. In many Greek, Persian and Chinese mythologies this tiger accepted as the lead character because it inspire us to focus on our goal and being calm in any difficult situation.

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    Fennec Fox

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    Fennec Fox is the national national animal of Algeria. They go for the hunting at night and eats small mammals, birds and insects catching them by their body heat. It is also able to bark like an dog for warn the others. Fennec Fox have huge ears that can be grow till 15 cm and it can live up to 14 years. They can grow till 40 cm in their life spam with having extra 30 cm long tail.

    Fennec fox also known as Vulpes zerda.


    The mandarin fish is an most beautiful & colorful fish that swims in the south-west Pacific Ocean close to Australia, Taiwan and the Philippines. It's an small size 6 cm sparking fish with the highlight of electrifying blue color which makes it glorious and it seems to be lighting.

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    The Arctic Wolf is an white-grey wolf native to the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and from Melville Island to Ellesmere Island. It is the small size wolf which they use to disguised from other hunters. They are too beautiful and pretty and that beauty becomes a danger for them because their population is declining day by day due to the hunters.


    Albino peacock (Peafowl) is a supermodel of the animal's world. It always like to express it's beauty to the others and you can see it dancing and posing every time, every where in the forest. it's an pure snow white peacock which seems to be an angle and you can watch it without blinking your eyes for an single second. You will fell an peace and calm happiness in your heart by seeing it.


    Poison Dart Frog get its name form the blue poisonous darts on their bodies. They have family of 175 related species which have five different colors. Poison Dart Frog found in Central and South American rain-forests and after birth they start growing between 1.5 and 6 cm in length. Their look helps them to keep the hunters away from them and being safe in dangerous environment.


    The Zanzibar Red Colobus is a species of monkey which lives on an island off the coast of Tanzania in Zanzibar. Due to the environmental changes they are reducing in the numbers and now only less then 3,000 are left in the world. Generally they live in the group of 50 and eats the leaves, seeds, and flowers that it grows in forests. In spite of they are vegetation the local people call them "Poison Monkey" because of their unpleasant smell.


    The Black Panther looks extremely beautiful and eye catching animal, This looks royal due to its black color and sparking eyes. The name black panther is publicly used for black-coated leopards of Africa and Asia and jaguars of Central and South America,black-furred variants of these species are also called black leopards and black jaguars.

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    Red Panda

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    Red Panda is one of the most cute and beautiful animal. These mammal lives in the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. They are covered with the reddish furs and have a long thick tail. These cute red pandas are also in the list of rare animals because of the reducing population of this species. Only less then 10,000 adult Red pandas are still alive.

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    Stallion is the most gorgeous and beautiful animal which is friendly to humans. They are mostly used for the racing and are very popular in the royal families. It is the sign of royalty due it's royal classic look and muscular body structure. Their color and and size can be different according to the climate and the geographical effect.