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Laal Batti - Marathi Movie

Laal Batti
Release Date26 July 2019
StarsMangesh Desai, Tejas, Bhargavi Chirmuley, Ramesh Wani, Meera Joshi
Produced bySantosh Sonawdekar
Directed byGirish Mohite

Laal Batti is a new released film directed by Girish Mohite and produced by Santosh Sonawdekar. It is released at Marathi box office on 26th July 2019. The movie stars Mangesh Desai, Tejas, Bhargavi Chirmuley, Ramesh Wani and Meera Joshi plays lead roles.

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1 year ago

Laal Batti is a fantastic story film which is full of action scenes.

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