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Karuwa Ke Teal Mal -

Karuwa Ke Teal Mal
Album / FilmN/A
Music LabelN/A
Release DateN/A
SingerAlisher Khan & Antra Singh Priyanka
Song WriterN/A
SongKaruwa Ke Teal Mal
Written byH. Harendra Yadav
Music byCB Gupta
Watch Official VideoShams Jhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=my5egDeo43kamil

Karuwa Ke Teal Mal is a new Bhojpuri song which official video now has been published by Awantika Music. This song is sung by Alisher Khan & Antra Singh Priyanka. This song music given by CB Gupta and music given by Shams Jamil and song recorded by Ramu Rajpuri.

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