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Jadugarni Song

September 20, 2019 | Listed by Naveen | Category: Songs

Jadugarni is a new Haryanvi song which official video has been published by Nav Haryanvi music label. This song is sung by Dikshit Parasher, Devender Ahlawat and music given by Dikshit Parasher and lyrics written by Devender Ahalwat, Dikshit Parasher. This song was published on Youtube on 18 September 2019 which has crossed more than 406K views within 2 days.

Jadugarni Song
Song TitleJadugarni
SingerDikshit Parasher, Devender Ahlawat
RapDevender Ahlawat
MusicDikshit Parasher
LyricsDevender Ahalwat, Dikshit Parasher
Rap LyricsDevender Ahlawat
DirectorKuldeep Rathee
DOPMunish Sharma
ProducerKshitij Gupta
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