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George Washington - 1st U.S. President

George Washington
Birth Date22 February 1732
Birth PlaceVirginia, United States of America
Full Name N/A
Full NameGeorge Washington
Residence Washington Family Tomb, Mount Vernon, Virginia, U.S
ParentsAugustine Washington, Mary Ball Washington
SpouseMartha Washington (m. 1759–1799)
AwardsCongressional Gold Medal Thanks of Congress
Presidential term30 April 1789 – 4 March 1797
Net WorthUS$ 580 Million (2016)

George Washington was the 1st U.S. President and one of the richest american president who set up a mile stone in the history of United States. He was a born leader, he used to frequently participate in various seminars and deliver speeches. So in spite  of having less facilities, he done everything he wanted and set a example for others.


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