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Dulla Bhatti - Indian Revolutionary

Dulla Bhatti
Birth Date1547
Birth PlaceSandal Bar or Pindi Bhattian, Punjab, Medieval India
Full Name N/A
Other namesAbdullah Bhatti
Died26 March 1599
BuriedMiani Sahib Graveyard, Lahore, Pakistan
ParentsRai Farid Khan Bhatti
Cause of Deathhanged by Mughal rulers in Lahore
Nick Names"Son of Punjab" or "Robin Hood of Punjab"

Dulla Bhatti which is also spelled as Dulha Bhatti was an Indian Punjabi Revolutionary came from a Muslim Rajput family of the of the zamindar class. He was revolting against the emperor Akbar and his Mughal rule. Abdullah Bhatti was born four months after the death of his father. Dulla was hanged in Lahore by the Akbar his last words were”No honourable son of Punjab will ever sell the soil of Punjab”.

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2 years ago

Dulla Bhatti was great freedom fighter who belongs from pindibhatian

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