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Balwant Thakur - Indian Scholar

Balwant Thakur
Birth DateN/A
Birth PlaceN/A
Full Name N/A
Spouse Deepika Bloria Thakur
Children Aarushi Thakur Rana , Aarushi Thakur Rana , Aarushi Thakur Rana , Aarushi Thakur Rana , Gauri Thakur, Aarushi Thakur and Gauri Thakur, Aarushi Thakur Rana and Gauri Thakur

Balwant Thakur is a famous theatre personality and scholar of India who was born on 25th december 1960 in Jammu and Kashmir. He is popularly known for bringing Dogri theatre to international notice. He also awarded with Padma Shri award by Indian government. He is one of the richest person of Jammu & Kashmir. He also received National Sanskriti Award award in 1992.

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