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American Conjuring - Telugu Dubbed Movie

American Conjuring
Movie NameAmerican Conjuring, American Conjuring
Release Date8 August 2016, 8 August 2016
StarsChloe Bear, Lynn Csontos, Natasha Davidson

American Conjuring is a Hollywood Horror film which is also available in Telugu language as you can see through given link below. In terms of movies details, The film was released on 8 August 2016, directed by Dan Walton, Dan Zachary (co-director) and story written by Ken King (screenplay), Dan Walton (story and characters).  Chloe Bear, Lynn Csontos, Natasha Davidson playing a lead role in this film.

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  1. wikiuser says:

    American Conjuring is a New Hollywood movies with most horrifying scenes. Conjuring movies in Telugu dubbed version is available to watch movie online.

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